• About Us

    When transformation, progress and change take place with astounding speed in our current world, it has become possible to access all kinds of information at the same speed. Revolutionary developments in information and communication continue to mark our Daily lives: all of us are under an information-bombardment. Managing this information, defining which is accurate, reliable and functional, is both intense (time consuming) and complex…

    DENGE with its vigorous and experienced corporate team is able to summarize functional knowledge absorbed from fast running information streams, filtered by DENGE's considerable experience.
  • Services

    - Tax Audit
    Full tax certification services.
    Internal audit and structural Analysis.
    Revision studies.
    VAT Refunds and VAT reports.
    Special audits and special purpose reports.
    Special training services related to accounting, financial reporting and audit.

    - Tax Consultancy Services.
    Tax and accounting consultancy.
    Foreign trade, customs and indirect taxes consultancy.
    Support in case of tax disputes.
    Solutions for individual taxation.
    Tax planning.
    Tax consultancy for companies with foreign capital.